About the Author

Jim Doyle

Life gives to the giver and takes from the taker.  The Universe has a perfect accounting system…

Jim Doyle loves sales, and he loves salespeople. He’s been selling and leading salespeople for almost fifty years.
In 1991, he founded Jim Doyle and Associates, which is now the leading training and revenue development company in the Television and digital advertising business. During his 30 years with JDA , Jim presented workshops on sales and marketing to audiences all over the United States.
Jim stepped away from the day-to-day leadership of what is now called JDA.media in 2020. But he’s quick to say he is a long way from being retired. He is still frequently speaking to salespeople and leaders about the principles in his new book, Selling with a Servant Heart.

Jim Doyle

A few faq’s about Jim…

  • He’s married to Paula Miller. They share a blended family of four kids, four spouses, two grandchildren.
  • Jim and Paula split their time between Sarasota, Florida and Great Diamond Island, Maine.
  • He says he stinks at golf. But he loves it! During the Pandemic he became addicted to his Peleton.
  • He has a passion to serve the homeless and serves on two Boards of organizations doing great work in that space.
  • He says he’ll “never retire”. But he’s enjoying traveling, reading more, golf, fitness and serving the communities in any way he can.
  • He’s funny and thought provoking. Jim will make any sales conference or meeting better with a powerful message of greater success through serving.

About the book

Many salespeople think the key to being a great sales person is about aggressive closing or finding ways to effectively answer objections. If that’s you this book will likely make you think again. Those common sales techniques usually don’t work. And using those them might actually hurt your sales effectiveness not help it.

What does work? That is what Selling with a Servant Heart outlines.

Jim Doyle Book Group Sales

The best sales people have a commitment to their customers that is way beyond being customer focused. They are obsessed with making sure the products they sell make a difference for their customers. Obsessed. And that commitment changes almost everything about the way they approach sales.

In Selling with a Servant Heart you’ll meet some true sales stars. They sell different products to different kinds of customers. But they have a lot in common. You’ll see what really causes their success in ten lessons that will change the way you sell.

The increased results you’ll start to see will be wonderful. But this is also about finding more joy in your work. When you commit to serving customers as a Servant Heart Seller you’ll find more success for sure.

But you’ll also experience significantly higher customer loyalty and far less churn. And you’ll have a lot more fun.

Whether you are new to sales or an experienced veteran you’ll find the ideas in this book will make you think. If you are already a star seller you’ll learn what can take your success to an even higher level. If your new, this book is a great roadmap to finding your most effective path.

More success. More customer loyalty. More joy in what you do. That’s what can happen to your sales career when you start Selling with a Servant Heart.